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Theme Calendar is a Windows application which displays a completely customizable calendar on your desktop with "Themed" messages for each day of the year. Available themes include General Jokes, Adult Jokes, Motivational Quotes and Bible passages. This calendar is a perpetual calendar which will function for years to come. It works with at least one theme database that has one year's worth of messages that will be displayed on a daily basis. All of the messages in one database will pertain to that database's theme, such as humor, motivational quotes, or historical information. The message for the current calendar day will display automatically. Clicking on any day in any month of the calendar will display the message for that day. If the calendar program is left running at midnight, the date and message will change automatically. Messages will repeat on a yearly basis for each database. Multiple messages, one from each theme database, can be displayed on any given day if multiple theme databases are present. The calendar display can be customized for preferred sizes, colors, fonts, and months displayed.

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